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Help Desk & IT Infrastructure


Providing help desk support to employees as well as San Antonio information technology consulting and support can be a challenging task for a large organization with onsite, offsite, and offshore locations. Our client, one of the largest independent liquids terminal and pipeline operators in the nation, was faced with such a challenge.


Since 2001, our client began to grow independently from their parent company. They quickly outpaced their initial IT infrastructure staff, support model, and processes. Initially, the company utilized internal employees to provide help desk support for the corporate headquarters, which housed over 500 employees. This support model, however, was not sustainable nor scalable to service the needs of remote locations. The client’s attempt to use a third-party, offsite help desk support company resulted in only minimal support and little incident follow-through.

As a result, our client’s lack of San Antonio IT infrastructure support personnel, documented escalation, and tracking processes had both a direct and indirect impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. 


Y&L’s solution was to combine the right people, processes, and metrics custom-fit to our client’s needs based on our IT practices in San Antonio. The customized 24x7x365 onsite and offsite help desk solution for our client included phone, email, and live chat support for close to 2,000 end users and 1,850 work stations globally. In addition, Y&L Consulting’s team provided Tier 1 & 2 in-person workstation and multifunction printer support for more than 600 users and 500 workstations at our client’s headquarters.

In addition to providing a higher level of support than our client’s employees had ever experienced before, Y&L Consulting made sure to create a solid working relationship with all of the other departments within our client’s IT organization, opening up communication and knowledge transfer (critical elements for addressing Tier 3 infrastructure issues).

Further, Y& L Consulting provided 24×7 server monitoring, patching, after hours, and weekend phone support, which dramatically improved access and availability for the organization. Our 


Today, as a result of Y&L’s help desk and IT infrastructure support, our client is able to focus on the future, staying a step ahead of growth and changes in technology as opposed to trying to keep up with them.

Within the first three months of working with the client, Y& L was able to resolve almost three times the number of incidents reported by the organization’s previous help desk provider. Response times also dramatically decreased. Y&L noted that when they first began working with the client, it took close to 147 hours, on average, to resolve a Level 2 incident or service request. Just a year later, Y&L Consulting’s team had that response time down to 38 hours.

Our client has seen a dramatic increase in end user satisfaction, a faster response time in resolving user-reported issues, and a significant support cost savings for the organization.

Going beyond help desk support, Y&L, during its course of working with our client’s employees, have also identified significant cost-saving opportunities. For example, when tracking down loaner cell phones, Y&L discovered that our client was paying over $120,000 annually in mobile services on devices that were no longer being utilized. Y&L also has been involved in major enterprise-level infrastructure initiatives, such as upgrading all computers to Window 7 from Windows XP and rolling out cost-reducing technology, such as the virtualization of desktop computers. In order to make many of these initiatives successful, Y&L and our client had to operate as one team.

Y&L’s service expertise and knowledge-based collaboration continue to improve employee productivity while allowing our client’s infrastructure team to explore and implement initiatives that continue to reduce cost and increase internal satisfaction.