Business Intelligence



As Business Intelligence industry leaders, Y&L understands the need to have insightful and reliable reports readily available. We can work within your current reporting infrastructure to deliver real-time comprehensive views of the business, instant clarity through appropriate visualizations, and infrastructure enhancements to support dynamic functionality and updates.


Our team is well-versed in enterprise-level administration, architecture, and development. We will work with your organization to ensure service-level agreements are met and maintained as well as providing value-added enhancements such as cloud-services, distribution scheduling, hierarchal drilling, in-memory caching, and more.


Analytics is process-oriented and serves as the core to any enterprise reporting environment. As organizations continue to collect data and grow, the process of taking raw data and turning it into actionable insights is driven by analytics. For example, wrapping context around a sales number for this week provides a snapshot of the company for that timeframe. However, comparing this week’s sale’s number to last week’s provides an analytical comparison enabling a business decision.


Our Information Asset Optimization Framework pinpoints where an organization currently resides in their data analytic journey and how far they must go to achieve full data optimization. From that beginning point, we can help guide you down the right path.


As data within an organization continues to grow and expand, managing data sources can become difficult. Y&L’s Information Management Practice can create consolidated holistic dashboards for business leaders to instantly visualize a snapshot of their environment. Through the use of filters and embedded functionality, dashboard users can better understand how various departments correlate amongst one another. In a retail example, comparing today’s sales, down by (8.1%), to your logistics on a dashboard may show a scheduled delivery never made it to a store.


Y&L also specializes in leveraging existing internal data with external data for enhanced capabilities. If a retailer was looking to open a new store, it would be beneficial to layer internal sales over a heatmap of demographic and real estate external data. Y&L is able to do this through their “Supplementary Layer” process which extends to social media, market demographics, marketing research results, SEO/SEM, and other various external data sources.

Mobile BI

In today’s world there are over 5.4 B smartphone users. In an era becoming increasingly more mobile it is important for leaders to be able to make informed decisions with the right data in the palm of their hands. The Y&L Information Management Practice has designed and deployed numerous mobile-friendly reports and dashboards.