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Converting paper-based processes for consumers and internal employees is even more difficult for government agencies.

Changing the status quo of “business as usual” is a challenge for any business to undertake. For government organizations, it can be even more challenging. Our client was a Texas state agency which regulates the credit industry and educates consumers and creditors. It knew that it needed to convert from a paper-driven system to an eGovernment solution.

The organization, which has regulatory oversight of more than 16,000 establishments across the state of Texas, was utilizing a paper-driven process and had technologies that were specific to certain tasks and not customizable across the board. In addition, many of the technologies they utilized were outdated for the current climate. The result was arduous data entry and extended delays in the application process.

The agency needed to find a more streamlined approach and explore what technologies could be utilized to make it easier for citizens and companies to do business with them. In addition, the organization wanted to achieve internal excellence, create synergy between other state agencies, and incorporate innovative processes.

Recognizing this was not a challenge they could face alone, the agency contacted Y&L Consulting.


Y&L Consulting – San Antonio location consultants worked over a two-month period, providing a detailed assessment of the organization. They focused their work on assessing current business processes and helped with reengineering, identifying, defining, and implementing a new technology solution, as well as assisting with change management at the organization.

Y&L’s work to transform the government agency’s paper-driven process to an eGovernment solution included thorough due diligence and incorporated numerous stakeholder interviews.

The Y&L consultants were able to deliver schematics of future state business processes and the use of new technologies, including a very detailed roadmap of effort, cost, and rollout timelines. 


As a result of Y&L Consulting’s efforts, the state agency was able to keep their more than 70 employees hard at work with the regular business of organization while the consultants are focused on their efforts with our top IT strategy from our company in San Antonio TX  on bringing significant business transformation.

Overall, the project created positive business change, meeting the intended goals of the organization while redefining and realigning people, processes, and technology. The agency is anticipated to recoup their investment in the new technology within three years through the significant improvements to their bottom line.

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