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Information Technology has NOT kept pace with the business

hasnot-blue-tintCompanies can have lots of reasons why they don’t invest in their IT infrastructure – some simply don’t have the financial resources, senior management may not understand the benefits, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mindset, it’s hard to prove the ROI and the list goes on and on.


Fact is, without a strong IT engine, the company is operating like a rudderless ship trying to miss as many icebergs as possible. IT investments are generally put off for as long as possible until there is a threat of collapse or stoppage altogether. Large-scale solutions like SAP are discussed, but generally only patches to legacy systems are approved.

In these companies, IT is seen as a necessity instead of an enabler.

Companies in this common position have utilized Y&L for:

Legacy System Integration: Newer technology platforms may require integration with legacy systems for back-end processing and data retrieval. Y&L can provide highly-skilled AS400 and Mainframe developers as well as website developers experienced in all current leading technologies, thereby helping your front-end communicate with your back-end and vice versa.


IT Business Transformation & Technology Strategic Planning: Perhaps you have inherited IT issues and need to figure a way to get the company back on pace with the business. It all starts with a clearly-defined IT strategy and roadmap. Y&L’s IT strategy experts help companies with defining their IT strategy and roadmap. Y&L can assist your IT leadership team through a formal 5-step process to arrive at an IT roadmap which will identify the IT capabilities required to support future needs, IT infrastructure required to support scalability, reliability, and network interconnectivity, as well as IT staff and skills required to support the new needs.


Project Management, PMO, and PPM:

Our PMI-certified project managers have the tools and experience necessary to bring your project from conception to completion. Beyond the management of tasks and milestones, our PMs take the time to truly understand your business, the project, and its overall objective. In addition, our certified PMs have extensive knowledge in project management practices and a number of process-enabling tools at their disposal.

Software Upgrades and Application Integration:

Whether you are upgrading existing software or taking the dive into integrating a new application for your front or back-end, Y&L has the experience you need in all popular technologies. Y&L is a SAP Gold Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner, HP Business Partner, IBM Partner, and has extensive experience in SAP integration and maintenance via AMS, ATG website development, Java development, and SharePoint upgrades.

Transformation of Manual to Automated Processes:

As a company grows, they generally outgrow their manual processes. Without automation, companies tend to throw personnel at the problem. Paper-based, high-touch manual processes generally lead to mistakes, satisfaction issues, quality issues, unresponsiveness in the eyes of the customer, job dissatisfaction, and turnover. Compounding the issue are the legacy systems running slowly in the background, non-user friendly internal applications, and limited, if any, external web capabilities to capture and import customer data. Y&L has successfully automated processes for companies in this situation by creating dynamic websites, linking them to third-party and internal databases and hosting them in a cloud environment. Employees are provided access to their cloud instance to respond to inquiries, receive and approve data, push information to customers, take payments, etc.

At one particular client, automation of manual processes reduced internal employee effort by 80% and the organization recuperated approximately 70% of their development investment within five months due to employee time savings. The number of applications they used to process manually over a six-month period of time can now be completed within two weeks. Customer satisfaction went through the roof.

Service Desk and Infrastructure Management Solutions:

In many cases, employees’ perception of your Service Desk is what translates into their impression of your IT department. And, no matter how many wonderful things your IT department may be doing behind the scenes to keep everything up, if passwords are not being reset and people are waiting for days to have their individual IT issues addressed, a negative perception of the Service Desk becomes the company’s opinion of the entire IT department. Y&L successfully manages customized Service Desk offerings for a number of clients. Y&L can provide an onsite or offsite service desk solution allowing you to control the process while we manage, staff, and meet agreed-upon metrics.

T&M and Fixed Price Project Staff Augmentation:

It doesn’t always make sense to add-on full-time staff. When special, short-term needs occur, such as a development project, new software integration, and the like, it generally makes more sense to bring in skilled, temporary talent. Y&L can fill your resource gaps through the provision of highly-talented developers, QAs, BAs, PMs, and technical writers.