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Information Technology has kept pace with the business

jogging-blue-tintIf you’re in this category, congratulations! You’re among a group of IT leaders in companies that value the enabling qualities Information Technology adds to an organization.

Your challenges are more strategic in nature, such as, how Business Intelligence can help you filter, organize, distribute and make information actionable. Your back-end systems for Operations, HR, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance and the like are integrated via enterprise-wide software. Your website can aptly handle visitor fluctuations and Ecommerce transactions; website pages are continuously tweaked and positioned based upon studying website analytics. In addition, your company understands the importance of social media, and you have a formal SEO/SEM plan and budget in place, a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., an active blog and email marketing strategy. Your Sales Team fully utilizes their CRM system to log in contacts, leads, project opportunities, and sales funnel metrics. And, all of your company’s projects are tracked within your Project Portfolio Management system; giving departmental leaders dashboard views of macro scale highlights and micro scale drilldown capabilities on their laptops, iPads and mobile devices.

You are truly moving at the speed of business.

Companies in this enviable position have utilized Y&L for:

Growth & Profitability: Generating revenue, increasing profit, reducing costs, reducing fraud, entering new markets, integrating recent acquisitions all have one common factor, they all require information technology. Y&L has addressed fraud issues for clients saving millions of dollars, helped companies capitalize on underserved markets through integration with third-parties, assisted in the launch new products/services, converted manual processes to automated, all through IT development.

Making Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions Easier: Whether it’s an acquisition, merger or third-party partnership, your applications, networks and data need to be securely shared with other organizations and those organizations need to share data with you. Sometimes companies have applications in common (i.e. merging SAP applications), and other times they have disparate applications where one company has to acquire, load and test software that is new to them ( i.e. loading SharePoint software and facilitating communication with the acquiring company’s application), and yet other times, to automate processes, it’s necessary to integrate with third-party providers for data requests; such as, the FBI for background checks, credit bureaus and state-based payment engines. Y&L has extensive experience in each of these scenarios.

Service Desk and Infrastructure Management Solutions: Leading companies know their strengths and how to leverage the skills of their employees. Dedicating IT resources to handle repetitive and mundane service desk related issues (password resets, loading software, printer issues, etc.) is a drain on internal talent and should be outsourced. Y&L can provide an onsite or offsite service desk solution allowing you to control the process while we manage, staff and meet agreed upon metrics.

Legacy System Integration: Newer technology platforms may require integration with legacy systems for back-end processing and data retrieval. Y&L can provide highly skilled AS400 and Mainframe developers as well as website developers experienced in all current leading technologies, thereby helping your front-end communicate with your back-end and vice versa.

T&M and Fixed Price Project Staff Augmentation: Leading companies have well laid-out development plans and budgets. And, they understand their need for resources will fluctuate as projects begin and end. Y&L can help meet their resource gaps through the provision of highly talented developers, QAs, BAs, PMs, and technical writers.

Software Upgrades and Integrations: Whether you are upgrading existing software or integrating a new module into your existing enterprise-wide platform, Y&L has the experience you need in all popular technologies. Y&L is an SAP Gold Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner, HP Business Partner, IBM Partner and has extensive experience in SAP integration and maintenance via AMS, ATG website development, Java development as well as SharePoint upgrades.

IT Project Management, PMO and PPM Solutions: Our PMI certified IT project managers have the tools and experience necessary to bring your company’s projects from conception to completion. Beyond the management of tasks and milestones, our PMs take the time to truly understand your business, the project and its overall objective. In addition, our certified PMs have extensive knowledge in project management practices and a number of process-enabling tools at their disposal.