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  • HVHC Project Summary – The HVHC project consisted of running server upgrades for the Vision Works stores across the US. All of the servers were upgraded to Microsoft Server 2012. Included with the server upgrades was the set up and upgrades of the POS Stations. All of these upgrades were handled by remote access through the Microsoft RDM.

    The process – The hardware was shipped out in waves to the stores. Once the hardware arrived we would call up the store and walk them through the process of setting up the hardware which consisted of connecting the server and setting up the new POS stations as well as installing new components such as the KVM’s and Scanners. Once the hardware was set up and powered on our team would remotely access the servers and the POS stations to configure them to be set up with the Group Policies that were preconfigured at HVHC headquarters. There were 600 stores that received the upgrades and the project was completed in 2.5 months.