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Everyone likes a good laugh. But companies don’t generally laugh when negative online candor is directed their way.

As the old days of Marketing Communications have been replaced by Marketing Technologies, marketers themselves have evolved from the days of “spray and pray” marketing to embrace new technologies, tools, and analytics. Marketers of the future can be found at the intersection of marketing and information technology. Traditionally, marketers focused on things such as product, … Continue reading “CDOs, CMOs and Future Marketers”

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the good fortune of learning some valuable lessons. Following are a few key ones I encourage you to master to avoid the pitfalls along the gruesome climb up the corporate ladder. Don’t sacrifice “good enough” for perfect. Waiting costs time, revenue, and competitive advantage. Most times a … Continue reading “20 Lessons Learned The Hard Way”

Okay, the title may have raised an eyebrow or two. However, sometimes to make colossal leaps ahead of the competition some completely unconventional strategies may need to be attempted. At a large consumer products firm they successfully integrated their Ecommerce marketing and Ecommerce IT divisions and realized some quite spectacular results. The company was expanding … Continue reading “IT Developers Reporting to Marketing? Crazy beautiful. – As Seen In TX CEO Magazine.

Having worked for eight companies and consulted with many more, I have seen all types of business cultures. But when you boil them down, there are really just two kinds: structured and unstructured. Structured cultures involve an approved “code of conduct,” which is enforced by management. In an unstructured culture, the behavior of the leader … Continue reading “Culture Shocked”

Whether you’re in a 100-person company or a 2,000-person company, and whether you use just a few external vendors or hundreds, one rule remains: managing internal and external personnel is necessary for overall company growth, cost containment, and deployment against critical initiatives. Manual management of resources and vendors has some serious setbacks: Favoritism: Vendor selection … Continue reading “People: Your Biggest Asset”

One of the most common business assumptions is that employees that excel in their position will make great managers. If an individual is creative and knows how to make things happen within the company, couldn’t they mentor and lead a team just like him or her? What genius on your part to promote them to … Continue reading “Not All Top Performers Belong In Management – As Seen In The Express News

Behind the traditional “Four P’s” of marketing lies a well-known but rarely discussed cousin—the fifth P. This one stands for politics. Inter-company politics is as much a part of today’s fast-paced, global business economy as it was back in the days of buggy whip production. As a marketer, it is your job to drive your … Continue reading “Business Politics”

One of the most challenging internal jobs for marketers is attempting to convince management to make a change—to take a different path with advertising, introduce a new product or service, partner or merge with another company, revise pricing based upon market activity, or employ strategies to stifle the competition. That challenge is exacerbated when internal … Continue reading “Danger: Soliciting Unqualified Opinions”

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