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The term “governance” stems from the root word “govern”. Data Governance represents a systematic way of managing data assets through identified processes and policies. Within the context of “data governance”, creating a data democracy – a governing body of employees who determine through best practices, knowledge of their data access needs and their internal data … Continue reading “A Data Democracy – As American As
Apple Pie”

  The titans of industry are engaged in AI. They have the financial and personnel resources to keep their data in check – governance, master data management, and quality. For most companies, however, this is not the case. A lot of their data is disparate and independent. The quality of their data is highly suspect, … Continue reading “GETTING READY FOR AI”

The job of leaders, whatever our generation, is to teach and coach the up-and-coming generations on the finer points of operating within various business situations. Although they approach work and business relationships differently than older generations (blending personal and professional relationships, confronting their bosses openly, and pushing the boundaries of insubordination), generational differences become less … Continue reading “Millennials in the Workplace – As Seen in the SA Business Journal

Everyone likes a good laugh. But companies don’t generally laugh when negative online candor is directed their way.

As the old days of Marketing Communications have been replaced by Marketing Technologies, marketers themselves have evolved from the days of “spray and pray” marketing to embrace new technologies, tools, and analytics. Marketers of the future can be found at the intersection of marketing and information technology. Traditionally, marketers focused on things such as product, … Continue reading “CDOs, CMOs and Future Marketers”

Recently, a Texas state representative told a disturbing story about one school administration in his district. With business grants given to the school, the district had compiled enough funds for a computer lab. However, someone in the school’s senior leadership felt the district needed a new high school scoreboard as well. Somehow, the money assigned … Continue reading “All The Wrong Moves – As Seen In San Antonio Business Journal

Outsourcing IT development can be a powerful business tool for companies that learn its best applications. Think of it this way: opening a can of soup with an electric drill would be a bad experience. But that doesn’t mean the electric drill is useless — it’s just not being used for what it’s best suited … Continue reading “Nearshore, Offshore or Hereshore? – As Seen In TX CEO Magazine

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the good fortune of learning some valuable lessons. Following are a few key ones I encourage you to master to avoid the pitfalls along the gruesome climb up the corporate ladder. Don’t sacrifice “good enough” for perfect. Waiting costs time, revenue, and competitive advantage. Most times a … Continue reading “20 Lessons Learned The Hard Way”

Okay, the title may have raised an eyebrow or two. However, sometimes to make colossal leaps ahead of the competition some completely unconventional strategies may need to be attempted. At a large consumer products firm they successfully integrated their Ecommerce marketing and Ecommerce IT divisions and realized some quite spectacular results. The company was expanding … Continue reading “IT Developers Reporting to Marketing? Crazy beautiful. – As Seen In TX CEO Magazine.

Finally got the Internet of Things figured out? Well, now there’s the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to tackle as well. Before we jump in, let’s take a step back and ground ourselves in a few definitions. According to Wikipedia, the Internet of Things (IoT) “is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other … Continue reading “Industrial Internet of Things – As Seen In TX CEO Magazine

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