Lynda Baldwin

Chief Administrative Officer

It’s a bit of a balancing act between meeting the needs of both the client and the consultant. In both cases, it requires listening, flexibility, and compassion.

Pictured above with her team, Lynda manages over Administration at Y&L. “Administration” at Y&L, as in many companies, is a catch-all for everything beyond Sales, Marketing, and Recruiting. From payroll to accounting, billing to commissions, human resources to time sheets, Lynda’s group handles it all and handles it well.

“Sure, at times, it can feel like a pressure cooker with deadlines pushing down on you, but that’s why I surround myself with an amazing team of people. I make sure that every individual working for me is cross-trained, so if there is a need to put more hands on-deck, we’re covered.”

Lynda has been with Y&L for 13 years and has managed over Administration for the last five. She has weathered through waves of change and the mountain of growth we have experienced.

In her spare time (I know, “what spare time?”, Lynda), she loves playing with her 1 ½ year old granddaughter, Lydia. And her children aren’t too far away; her daughter, Jennifer, and son, Allen, both work for Y&L. Jennifer is our Payroll Specialist and Allen is a Network Administrator.