Liz Flores-Perez

AVP Recruiting

“Each person on my team possesses unique strengths, skills and abilities. When you combine them all together, they represent a powerhouse Recruiting Team; one of the best in the business”.

Originally from Eagle Pass and raised in Dallas, TX, Liz began her recruiting career in college and quickly became a recognized Recruiting Lead in the Dallas Market, winning numerous awards throughout her career.  Liz relocated to San Antonio and has been with Y&L since 2013; actively managing the Recruiting team across our U.S and offshore offices.  She has enjoyed seeing how much the company has grown and the many benefits and opportunities the company offers its employees.  Her proven recruiting abilities have allowed her to mentor other recruiters and select the best internal employees for her team.

Liz enjoys spending quality time with her family; her husband Alfredo and her sons Austin and Jackson. She is very passionate about Autism Speaks and helping special needs children.  She supports Peer Advocacy – students who look out for other students and prevent bullying against students with disabilities.