Erach Songadwala

President, CEO

My business philosophy is simple. Find out what the client really needs by asking and then actively listening; then deliver it to them in a way that exceeds expectations.

Erach is the president and co-founder of Y&L. It is through Erach’s personality that the culture of the company has formed. Whether it is through professional experience, his positive attitude, or both, he is always trying to convince the type-A personalities around Y&L not to sweat the small stuff. Erach leads knowledgeably, but with an uncanny degree of calm. Although he leads a multi-million dollar company, he doesn’t have an administrator, and his door is always open to everyone. He believes in having a flat organization where everyone can feel comfortable expressing themselves regardless if they are a VP or a summer intern.

Prior to Y&L, Erach was a branch manager for Renaissance Worldwide, Inc. and managed the second largest branch in Moline, IL. Renaissance provided strategic consulting and IT services. In 1998, during discussions with Mike Lujan, who worked for Erach, along with the president of YASH Technologies ($150 million), they determined that San Antonio and the surrounding areas were an underserved market for IT Solutions and Staffing services.

Predominantly beginning with IT staffing services during the early years, the company successfully made the transition into providing IT Strategy and Business Transformation Services, achieved core competencies in leading software products (SAP, Oracle ATG, Unifier products, and Microsoft products), and performed end-to-end IT project leadership for clients.

Erach and his wife have three children (a nine, seven, and one-year-old) which keep them both very busy. He is also an Equestrian and at one time had as many as 37 show horses at his stables.