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Habitat for Humanity

g-back-img4-hoverY&Lers had a great time participating in a Habitat for Humanity project on the south side of San Antonio recently. Our project consisted of scraping, sweeping and moping all the floors in the house and then laying down adhesive and flooring tile. After stopping for a 30 minute lunch break (which our crew chief Lewis made us do) we quickly got back to laying down tile.

Of course, in true Y&L fashion, the day had plenty of laughter mixed in with the dedicated effort. Our tile cutter Shannon made the necessary precision cuts while the rest of us had dedicated roles of laying tile, handling tile, and running tile back and fourth to our cutter. We worked like a well oiled machine the whole day and move quickly from room to room.

At the end of the day, Lewis said that for all the years that he has been a crew chief on these projects he has never seen a team lay more tile in one day than us. It made us all feel good for the effort we exerted and that we were helping a growing family move into a beautiful new home of their own.

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