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In the competitive oil and gas market, streamlined refinement processes, market and product line diversity, leading-edge technology, and effective marketing are the keys to success.

Y&L brings over a decade of experience in the oil and gas field from a technology-enablement perspective. Through the years, we have gained an understanding of refinement criticalities, refinery network infrastructure, procurement, production, transportation, sales, and marketing (i.e. store locations).

In addition to providing talented, technical resources to companies within the Oil and Gas field, our expertise in SAP also has its benefits to this market. One key challenge in this industry is consistent acquisitions which typically results in multiple general ledger solutions. Companies need solutions for consolidating data from disparate sources and automating manual financial processes. Our experience in the SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation application has helped companies in this industry unify and streamline planning, consolidation, and financial management and reporting while, at the same time, reducing IT costs.

A few of our local San Antonio oil and gas clients include Valero, Tesoro, Axeon, and NuStar Energy.

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