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Application Development

Expertise from back-office solutions (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, etc.) to online development applications (.Net, Java, Oracle ATG) and the integration between them.


Cyber Security

Performing a cyber security assessment allows you to make changes now, proactively, to secure your data from external and internal threats.


Help Desk Solutions

Custom tailored service desk/help desk solutions to meet your specific needs. Expertise in IT Infrastructure development and management.


Process Improvement

Combining detailed analysis of business processes with automation helps to streamline operations, improve morale, and increase productivity.


Business Intelligence

Leverage insight gained from harvesting information within your legacy systems via Business Intelligence experts. It’s not important to look at all of your data but it is important to know what to look for.


IT Assessments

Roadmap a major development initiative detailing the current environment, preferred environment, stakeholder demands, regulationIT Assessmentss, capability gaps, business strategy and governance.


Software Upgrades

Considering a major software upgrade? Take advantage of our transition accelerators which provide minimum employee disruption.


IT Consulting

Continuity of service to your internal employees and external customers is critical. That’s why we provide you with the right people (top IT talent) at the right location (onsite, offsite, offshore) at the right price (competitive rates).

Providing Value

25 Fortune 500 customers

300+ Mid-market/large enterprise customers


4,000 Strong!

With employees specializing in all major software technologies including Java, .Net, ATG, SAP, and much more

Development and
Implementation Partner

Gartner Magic Quadrant for SAP

SAP Gold Partner, SAP Global Partner, SAP Development & Implementation Partner

Bigger Is Better

Largest IT Services Company

Headquartered in San Antonio (since 1999)

Employee Spotlight

Nancy Valdes

Y&L Recruiter, donates time and talents to many San Antonio-based charities.

Find Us

Sales & Delivery Centers in

  • USA
  • India
  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Sister Company Sistema Technologies

Focused on state and local government IT projects


Small company heart. Big company muscle.

2 – Headquarters in TX and IL, 5 Development Centers in India, 6 Continents with 17 Sales & Development Centers


Winner in the U.S. and India

San Antonio Business Journal – San Antonio. AON Hewitt – India.

Financial Stability

YASH Group Revenue

$250+ million. Zero Debt Load

Your company falls into one camp or the other


Information Technology has NOT kept pace with the business

Companies can have lots of reasons why they don’t invest in their IT infrastructure – some simply don’t have the financial resources, senior management may not understand the benefits, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mindset, it’s hard to


Information Technology has kept pace with the business

If you’re in this category, congratulations! You’re among a group of IT leaders in companies that value the enabling qualities Information Technology adds to an organization. Your challenges are more strategic in nature, such as, how Business Intelligence can help

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